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Franchise Platform

Perfect for Franchise Structures & Global Organizations

Get the best eDM results for your Franchise network or Global organization (with multiple subsidiary or related organization) by delivering tools to Franchisees for email, SMS and App direct marketing all in one secure flexible platform.

Enjoy the benefits of protecting and building your email reputation across the network with one DMARC implementation. Implement group SMS campaign numbers across your network once and protect your customers and subscribers from SMS fraud.

  • Big Data

    With over 27 million subscribers having been used in one of our multi-account Global Customers there is no question that we can scale to your needs

  • Email Reputation

    The only Franchise campaign platform in the World ( that will enable you take control of your email deliverability by implementing DMARC for all of your accounts and enforce the use of the policy. You will see amazing results even if you persist with poor campaign practices.

  • Group Wide Analytics

    Implement campaign fields and marketing segments across each account to build consistent and strategic intelligence from campaigns, interactions and other digital campaigns.

Take control & delivery better results for everybody!

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As in App marketing functions become available such as WeChat Official Accounts you can roll out these initiatives once and give your Franchise network the ability to contribute and grow their subscriber and customer base through clever and engaging initiatives.

Drive efficieny, protect your brand and change the behaviours of Franchisees from e-Blasting to sending engaging and relevant direct email and messages.

Give each your Franchisees a pre-configured account with key marketing segments, subscriber forms, content, templates and critical email authentication settings in minutes.

  • Template Management

    Use our DragNDrop template editor to create vibrant campaign templates that can enforce branding and other key messages then propogate them to your other accounts.

  • Surveys & Web Forms

    Create web forms for search marketing (PPC / SEO / SEM) conversion, web site enquires, surveys or other key critical subscriber interactions and automatically segment your subscribers with double opt-in and much more.

  • Campaign Automation

    Create and deploy campaigns for other accounts with the flexibility of allowing the addition of local area content, accept the campaign and not edit the content or simply allow your Franchisees to cancel the campaign.

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DMARCIAN is our global DMARC reputation monitoring partner. Protect your brand by implementing DMARC and use DMARCIAN.
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Quite simply the best integration possible that gives you the Power of Salesfore and it’s add-ons or SAP and their modules for each of your Franchisees or other organizations. FACT Software and Zulu eDM were made to go together!

The only franchise eDM platform on the planet that can help you qualify for the Return Path email certification program.

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