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Our philosophy when it comes to integrating Zulu eDM with other applications is that there must be a meaningful outcome for our users in terms of data transfer, analysis, understanding subscribers, segmentation and automating processes.

Simple email address to email address integrations do not add much value and promote eBlasting, not engagement. To learn more about our integrations and how they will help your business segment and engage with your subscribers visit our Zulu eDM knowledge base.

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WordPress Plugins

Wordpress Contact Form 7 Plugin

Event Systems

Posting Data from Your Website to Zulu eDM
Your developers should look at the forms in your platform and decide which one they want to use to submit the data. They may need to create a new form. Using forms you could do a JavaScript submission from your quote form, i.e. on submit use JavaScript to submit to... Read more »

Microsoft Dynamics Integration
MS Dynamics IntegrationTo set up an integration with Microsoft Dynamics we require the following information from you.Account Name:Contact Person:Email Address:There is also a fee to implement this integration of $100 which includes set up and deployment for your system including testing.To apply for MS Dynamics Integration please complete this form.  ... Read more »