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Flexible Pricing Plans for Responsible Marketers

5 editions for every campaign requirement no matter how big or small!

When looking at which edition and plan is right for you there is no need to worry about getting it right first time. Our pricing and our app can scale up and down as you need it too. A FREE account user can scale all the way up to the Franchise or Enterprise edition.

How to get started
Getting started is simple. Create a FREE account and then you can upgrade to the plan of your choice from there. Because we have SMS and other suppliers like Google, we perform a 50 cent fully refunded authorization check using your credit card.

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FREE Campaigner (includes 15,000 emails / month)
Unlike other FREE accounts we trust you and so you campaign using a URL. Other system don’t trust you and give you something absurd like “cmail….”nor “mcsrv….! This is the perfect option to start the process of becoming a responsible marketer, building bigger targeted databases and deliver more sales and more engagement.

Standard Campaigner (from $10/Month)
Perfect for small organizations and marketers weaning off bad pricing models.  Our team mentors you through setting your account up to deploying better subscriber forms for online and offline strategies. Never be penalized for growing your subscribers again.

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Professional Campaigner (Starting from $160/Month)
Now you know what it takes to get better results, Professional campaigner gives you the unlimited use of your favourite subscriber and targeting tools and the ability to use your own domain, dedicated SMS numbers and much more. Isn’t time you built your own high domain reputation?

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Franchise Edition (From $20/Month)
Franchisors rest easy with this edition. Deliver Franchisee value and protect your domain by supporting local area marketing initiatives. Reduce the fragmented & frustrated efforts of Franchisees. Head office uses Pro Campaign with a minimum of 20 Franchisee accounts.

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Enterprise (from $2,000/Month)
Campaign workflow, using your own virtual environment, use your IP addresses, the Enterprise edition of Zulu eDM is our original version. That’s right we built an enterprise platform that everyone can use! This version can scales to over 27 million subscribers and 1 billion emails per annum. Built in PHP and Java it can reside on any server OS.

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